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For:Platane、Pagoda tree、Ash、The pentagon maple, etc,Bo's garden--Only do high-quality goods seedlings
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Commitment:The scene tree、On with the digging、Loading speed、To ensure the survival rate。

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China's rural platane welcome you

       Jining parson green garden co., LTD is a production、Planting、Seedling of nurseries,Nursery base,Partnership base,Take the market as the guidance,On the base,Rely on scientific and technological progress,Strengthen the awareness of science and technology,Anticipate market needs,To scale up,Careful management,High quality and formed its own characteristics。Seedling covers an area of the company550Mu,In recent years to meet the national afforestation unit、Enterprise、Nursery stock dealers diversified needs,The company conducted a series of planning,To meet the demand of every colleague one-stop,Got the new and old customers consistent high praise,Really reached“A man without I have,People have my superior”The characteristics of,Seedlings are sold throughout the country,For the cause of China's green do an own strength。Perennial supply of various specifications of deciduous trees,Bare root soil ball for sale,There are mainly:Fast-growing platane、White wax、Pagoda tree、The north-south Luan、The pentagon maple、Red maple、Chinese flowering crabapple、Weeping willows, and so on,With many varieties、Complete specification、High purity、Good quality、The characteristics of the low price,Was deeply loved by the masses of customers in line with the company“To the quality win the market,Depending on the credibility for life”The aim of the,Warmly welcome new and old friends to come to field trips,To discuss cooperation。

For:Platane、Pagoda tree(Golden tree、Gold leaf tree)、White wax(Gold leaf ash)、The north-south Luan、Red maple in the United States、Chinese flowering crabapple、The pentagon maple boutique nursery stock, etc  Hotline000000-00-0-0-0-08853789779

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Engineering case
The same tree species We give preferential price,The same price We give a good quality

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News Center
Parson green garden——Many varieties、Complete specification、High purity、Good quality、The price is low
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    The advantages of platane modelling

    The advantages of platane modelling

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    The red maple tree planting technology points

    The red maple tree planting technology key points of maintenance management000000-00-0-0-0-0、The soil:The soil is relaxed,In the soilpH5.5~7.5The scope of the internal energy,Therefore, in acidic soil、In neutral soil and calcareous soil can grow,Is suitable in the fertile、Rich in humic acid or neutral growth in silty loam。2、Watering:Red

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    Golden、Golden robinia Idaho and gold leaf tree what's the difference between them?

    Golden、Golden robinia Idaho and gold leaf tree what's the difference between them?Golden and golden tree is the same kind of tree,Just as there is no essential difference;Gold leaf tree with golden tree there is a difference between directly。Golden robinia Idaho's properties:Golden golden tree is referred to in general;It is a golden pagoda tree,For the pagoda tree

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    Annual seedlings in the maple transplanting how to manage

    Annual maple transplanting how to manage the annual seedlings seedlings in the pentagon maple after transplanting engraftment,Again a year long,Flat,A pole for two years,Stem straight,More than two meters five,The level of nursery MiaoChangCheng。Under the condition of the growing season to ensure tree and requirements,For heavy pruning crown,Thin branches except the part、Leaves(General broadleaf deciduous trees,Leave

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    ——China's rural platane welcome you

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